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Songwriting Isn't Easy—But It Isn't Difficult

14th December, 2022

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Songwriting isn't easy. It never has been, and it probably never will be.

This is because there's a lot of plates that you have to keep spinning in

the air, even if you know a multitude of tricks, rules and principles.

But songwriting is also not difficult, in the sense that molecular biology
or existentialist philosophy are difficult. Many of those rules and principles

are relatively easy to grasp intellectually, but there are dozens or even hundreds of them and applying them all at the same time while still writing “from the heart” IS a challenge. That's what I meant with my "spinning 

plates" analogy.

There are also lots of trade-offs and artistic decisions you have to make which no rule-book will ever be able to make for you.

So the upshot is that we will never stop learning and getting better at this

venerable craft, but never reach the stage where we get bored because it

no longer holds any challenges for us. What do you think? Do you find this

motivating or off-putting?

Personally,  I find it hugely motivating because I can feel I'm making daily

progress and I know that this is a game I can keep on playing for the rest of 

my life - like a computer game with endless levels. 

If you want commercial success as well, you will need additional skills like
persistence, marketing, networking, salesmanship and also the necessary
confidence to position yourself in such a way that people want to invest
money in you! This is mainly beyond the scope of this site but rest assured that it is much easier to sell yourself and your music when you know your music is exciting and has got what it takes to succeed!

So I hope that you're ready to ramp up this game of  learning I described and

keep coming back to this blog for more tips and thoughts and one day, or even right now, start training with me because I love teaching as much as

writing - well, almost as much... :)

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