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My Top 10 Free Songwriting Tips

20th January, 2023

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Whenever we write a new song or beat/backing track, we want to periodically check that...

 1.    The beat, no matter how innovative, sounds like it belongs to a/the genre.
 2.   The chorus/main hook has a feeling of inevitability.
 3.   The overall feel of the track is not too pretty/cheesy/trite.
 4.   All the melody parts are fun to sing and have the right weight.
 5.   The beat feels "vibey" even without the singing and the sounds are tastefully chosen.
 6.   The lyrics are original and contain some memorable lines and no cringeworthy lines.
 7.   There is contrast between the sections and build within them.
 8.   The total combination of melody, lyrics and track paints a coherent emotional picture that is neither too bright nor too dark.
 9.   The chords by themselves convey a strong feeling of tension and release.
10.  The song contains many highlights like hooks and riffs.

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