You Can't really learn songwriting...YES YOU CAN...
with my professional training system!


We are confident that by following our method which includes both free and paid training you will greatly increase your songwriting skills and with it your commercial viability as a songwriter and/or artist.

It would be preposterous though for us to assume that we can wave a magic wand and catapult you into superstardom. Building a skillset and reputation in the music industry takes time, and the business tends to reward those who can tough it out despite the inevitable setbacks. 

But with our training you will at least give yourself a realistic chance of success while others will continue to write "ok" songs that have a commercial

value of zero. 

To sum up: even with the best training in the world—which we believe we provide—there is still a lot of hard work and perseverance required to make it all the way to the top. If you want to win Wimbledon, there are no shortcuts either, and you can't even get into the first-round draw if you don't practice like a demon.

At least in the studio, it doesn't rain and we don't get injured every other month. Plus, we can get paid lots of money for a song even decades after we've written it. John McEnroe doesn't get paid now for winning Wimbledon in the eighties. 

On that hopeful note...