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Can Songwriting Really Be Teached?

12 October 2022

So you’ve seen people—like myself—offering songwriting courses. But isn’t songwriting something you’re simply born with? And shouldn’t your songs only come from the heart?[...]

How loud do record labels want the lead vocal in your song to be?

6 November 2022

How loud should the lead vocal be in your song? I won't be lazy and just say "it depends" but instead try and come up with some useful pointers you can use in your next mix, whether you're engineering yourself or working with a producer[...]

Songwriting Isn't Easy-And It Isn't Difficult

I think we have "solved" songwriting!

14 December 2022

Songwriting isn't easy. It never has been, and it probably never will be. This is because there's a lot of plates that you have to keep spinning in the air, even if you know a multitude of tricks, rules and principles. But songwriting is also not difficult, [...]

My Top 10 Free Songwriting Tips

20 January 2023

1. The beat, no matter how innovative, feels like it belongs to a/the genre.

2. The chorus/main hook has a feeling of inevitability.

3. The overall feel of  the track is not too [...]