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How loud do record labels want the lead vocal in your song to be?

2 May 2019

How loud should the lead vocal be in your song? I won't be lazy and just say "it depends" but instead try and come up with some useful pointers you can use in your next mix, whether you're engineering yourself or working with a producer[...]

Songwriting Isn't Easy-And It Isn't Difficult

I think we have "solved" songwriting!

30 March 2019

Songwriting isn't easy. It never has been, and it probably never will be. This is because there's a lot of plates that you have to keep spinning in the air, even if you know a multitude of tricks, rules and principles. But songwriting is also not difficult, [...]

My Top 10 Free Songwriting Tips

28 March 2019

1. The beat, no matter how innovative, feels like it belongs to a/the genre.

2. The chorus/main hook has a feeling of inevitability.

3. The overall feel of  the track is not too [...]