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A Powerful Training Method
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"Hi—my name is Alex Von Soos and I'm a very experienced songwriter/producer with a UK No.1 . Songwriting is a skill and my goal is to help you master it and take the frustration out of what should be a hugely enjoyable activity—always!"

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Here's how my $ongwondo training method can guide you:

Step 1: Inspiration

The best songs start with the best ideas. But where do you get those from? Creative exercises drawing on the latest scientific research will make sure you'll never stare at a blank page for more than a minute again-and once you're on a roll, it's much easier to write a large part of the song in one go—without your inner critic stopping you dead in your tracks!

Step 2: Technique

This is the "craft" part of the whole process-solid, repeatable processes that can be learned by doing consistent exercises-like learning how to play the piano or guitar. If you've never heard of specific songwriting exercises before, let me assure you they do exist—and I came up with many of them myself to make my own writing better!

Step 3: Discipline

That doesn't sound like fun-but for that part we have steps 1 and 4. Here we are trying to apply the techniques we've learned and not waste time on pursuing avenues that lead nowhere. Discipline also means writing consistently—and not just when we feel like it—or there is nothing better to do!

Step 4: Magic

Once we have fashioned our precious nuggets of inspiration into beautiful pieces of songwriting gold we'll now add some magic touches using secret methods that will make the listener fall in love with our songs. Ok most listeners—but that's not bad!

Here's what some of my students have been saying about studying with me...

Michael W London, UK

Fun course to do

The course was amazing. It’s the education I should have had at school. I have learnt so many new ways of writing and analysing. It was a fun course to do and I couldn’t believe how quickly time flew by during each lesson. I’ve found a new love for listening to pop radio which I lost many years ago. It was thoroughly enjoyable and Alex just has so much knowledge that he is happy to share with people. The course is terrific value for money.

Rebecca Patt Asheville, North Carolina

Leap Forward As A Songwriter

Alex has developed encyclopedic insights, skills, and knowledge for the craft behind the magic of contemporary hit songwriting-wow! For the benefit of his students, he has distilled his wisdom into lessons that are concise, accessible and applicable. No fluff, no boring theory! Ok, so there was theory but it wasn't boring!

His course gave me the tools to make a leap forward as a songwriter, producer, and recording artist. I now approach my songwriting in a more sophisticated way. I gained many tips I could put to use right away, and I will be synthesizing his ideas and inspiration for years to come. Taking his course was one of the best gifts I’ve ever given myself. It was such a treat to immerse myself in a learning environment where I could eat, sleep, and breathe the topic of songwriting: that to me is heaven.

Wants To Stay Anonymous, Newly Signed Artist/Writer Home Counties, UK

I've Now Signed A Publishing Deal

So a few months ago I did a songwriting course with Alex Von Soos. And it's some of the best money that I've spent in music. He's a great guy and he knows what he's talking about, which is just what you want. And yeah, the course material is really good. I really considered myself an advanced songwriter, and I picked up a lot of stuff from it. I definitely don't regret taking the course, especially since I've now signed a publishing deal! So if you're considering doing a songwriting course then Alex comes highly recommended from me!

...of course you could be next in line!

Stop guessing–start knowing!

I know what it's like to spend years in "trial and error" mode. It's satisfying to discover everything for yourself, but it just takes so long! I made the biggest progress with my writing when I had the opportunity to work with and learn from several top professional writers—so do yourself a favour and get some proper training. Pick up all the tricks those pros use so you can get to the fun part sooner! And believe me, it is fun once you really know how!

Cost For The Lesson: $0.00, and not even an email address required!